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PlanIT Divers © (a division of Hertfordshire divers).

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The Hertfordshire based Dive club “Plan It Divers” welcomes new members who would like to continue to scuba dive and those existing divers who would like to supplement their existing qualifications (BSAC/PADI) with those from the Sub Aqua Association (CMAS affiliated). The club meets each week for training and also social events most weekends.

We are a division (1142) of the Sub Aqua Assosiation in the South East made up of local and regional instructors and qualified divers.

This group has been created for the community of divers that just want to dive and have fun and enjoy the social benefits of an organised club.

Interested in improving your skills or just want to join an active club for regular diving? “Plan It Divers” may be just what you are looking for.

If you have any other questions regarding the Plan It Divers Club then please contact any club member who, if unable to answer your queries directly, will be able to point you in the right direction.

Local lake-fun dives / Navigation

Stoney Cove-Fun / D.L.Training

Sea Palling-Boat Dives / Training

Gildenburgh Waters-Fun / Training

Dorset, NDC Chepstow, Farnes.

Various other UK coastal venues

By appointment in 2017

Monthly 2017

Spring & Summer 2017

Spring & Summer 2017

Spring & Summer 2017

Regular dive sites

Forthcoming events